MDGS Tandem seal with intermediate labyrith

A Primary seal gas supply
B Primary vent
C Secondary gas seal supply
S Secondary vent
D Separation gas supply

Item Description
1 Seal face, stationary
2 Seat, rotating
3 Thrust ring
4 Spring
5 Adapter
6 Shaft sleeve, intermediate sleeve
7, 8 Housing (size matched to installation space)
9 Carbon ring separation seal (CSE)
10 Intermediate labyrinth

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  • Gas-lubricated
  • Bi-directional
  • Compact, radial design
  • Ready-to-fit cartridge unit, also available as a component seal
  • Single, double, tandem seal and tandem with intermediate labyrinth available


  • Wear-free and contact-free operation
  • Self-cleaning 3D gas grooves
  • High gas film stiffness
  • Fits into small spaces (e.g. process gas screw compressors)
  • Available in various materials for optimized chemical resistance
  • Proven, reliable and economical solution

Operating range

Shaft diameter:
d1 = 48 ... 200 mm (1.89" ... 7.87")
p = 0 … 50 bar (0 … 725 PSI)
t = -20 °C … +200 °C
(-4 °F … +392 °F)
Sliding velocity:
vg = 0.6 … 200 m/s (2 … 656 ft/s)


Seal face: Carbon graphite
Seat: Ductile stainless steel with DM-TiN coating
Secondary seals: FKM
Metal parts: 1.4006 or other stainless steels.

Standards and approvals

  • NACE
  • API 692


EagleBurgmann MDGS are rugged seals for screw compressors. They have a rotating ring made from ductile material with a high-performance coating. Rotating rings are “in-situ shrouded”, making them practically indestructible. The coating offers excellent wear resistance in the low speed range (e.g. coast-down operation) in which contact between the seal faces is unavoidable.

The stationary, spring-mounted system is optionally available as a sub-cartridge in combination with a rotating seat made from ductile material. A secondary sealing function using O-rings allows it to be applied as a component seal.

Dimensions on request.