What is so exciting about industrial sealing technology?

It is invisible, yet indispensable at the same time! No industrial application can be used without seals. As key components they not only protect the respective media and processes to be sealed, but they also prevent leakage and therefore contribute to the protection of people and environment. The sealing point is as versatile as the application itself.

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Fascinating sealing technology

Our customers, our know-how, our diversity.

As technology leader we develop seals for all industrial applications – and have been for more than 130 years. We offer optimized solutions which guarantee safety and profitability in many industrial fields. Our products are implemented worldwide in the oil and gas industry, in power plants, in the chemical and petrochemical industry, and also in food processing.
Technical expertise comes from know-how. Not only about sealing technology but also about machines, components, and media to be sealed as well as produced substances and industrial processes and process conditions. Our experts use this know-how to provide sustainable and reliable sealing solutions.
With a wide range of products and services, EagleBurgmann has solutions for every sealing requirement – no matter whether dynamic sealing of an engine shaft or static sealing points. In addition, we engineer and produce customer-specific solutions. Find out more at eagleburgmann.com/products

EagleBurgmann as an employer.

“The fascination lies in the extremely wide industrial range of application”
Dr. Bernhard Jenisch,
Vice President Engineering & Innovation
„With our products we operate a demanding technical segment which is vital for many industries. From the start I was greatly attracted to the requirement of using excellent technology to achieve a measurable contribution to the success of our customers and to the protection of the environment. With the help of our sealing know-how, our research capabilities and finally superior products we are constantly working on reducing the energy consumption, emissions to the environment and guaranteeing the protection of humans and the environment.“
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